Complete Professional Skipper's Liability Insurance

  • We are able to insure residents of the the EU as well as Norway. Unfortunately we can no longer offer a professional skipper's liability insurance to Italian residents due to technical insurance reasons.
  • If you are already a holder of a professional skipper's liability insurance and want to pay your premium via PayPal, please use our online payment page.

If you are resident abroad, your insurer is Dialog Versicherungs AG, a company of the Generali Group. If you live in Germany, the insurance is Alte Leipziger Versicherung AG. By transferring the premium I acknowledge that I have read and understood the Obligatory information disclosed in compliance with § 11 VersVermV, the Exclusive Brokerage Contract, the obligatory information pursuant to § 1 VVG-Info and the information sheet on insurance products (IPID).

Sofortabschluss mit PayPal Payment via PayPal account or credit card:

Information on the policyholder
Information on skipper

Lump sum EUR 5 Mio. for personal injury and damage to property

Lump sum EUR 10 Mio. for personal injury and damage to property

Commercial mariner's liability insurance can be extended for freelance maritime instructors to include instructor and teacher activities:

Bank details:
IBAN: DE71 20050550 1042234169 BIC: HASP DE HH XXX
Coverage begins upon payment and acceptance of the application.

Handling Fee: Euro

Right to cancel:
The customer is entitled to withdraw his contractual declaration in writing within two weeks without the requirement of stating any reasons. The cancellation period starts no earlier than the time that the information about this right is received. The cancellation period is met if the notification is dispatched within the specified time. The declaration of cancellation should be addressed to:
Hamburger-Yachtversicherung / Schomacker Versicherungsmakler GmbH
Katharinenhof/Zippelhaus 2 / D- 20457 Hamburg

Download Inquiry PDF

Please download application . We will also be happy to send you the application by mail. Please call us or send us a message with your address.