Yacht Liability Insurance

The Yacht Liability Insurance protects you from the financial risk of damage/loss to third parties for which you are culpable for causing with your yacht. This insurance also protects you from unjustified claims.

There is no deductible payable in the Yacht Liability Insurance!

2 examples:

As a result of a steering error you ram the boat in the neighbouring berth. This results in damage to the stern pulpit, and the hull is scored. The Yacht Liability Insurance will ensure that the damage is quickly compensated.

During a storm, despite good moorage and secure ties your yacht is pressed against the neighbouring motor boat thereby sustaining damage to hull and mast. The owner makes a claim against you. But as you have fulfilled your duty of care, you are not liable for the damage. Your Yacht Liability Insurance company will attend to the exchange of communications with the claimant.

More information is available in our Terms and Conditions of Liability Insurance.