Boat Liability Insurance

The Yacht- or Boat Liability Insurance protects you from the financial risk of damage/loss to third parties for which you are culpable for causing with your yacht.

Even though this insurance is not mandatory in Germany, it is strongly recommended, as you could be held liable for damages without any limit and it also protects you from unjustified claims.

If the boat is rented out or used commercially, such as in a bareboat charter (rental of the boat without a crew) or a skipper or berth charter (rental of the boat with a crew or part of the boat), the insurance is only valid if this is explicitly noted and documented in the insurance policy.

No Deductible

There is no general deductible in yacht liability (boat liability) insurance.

Bootshaftpflicht Bedingungen

Insured are (among others):

  • the personal statutory liability of the responsible watercraft operator and other persons authorized to operate the vehicle.
  • water sports equipment and dinghies (up to 50 HP) that belong to the vehicle and diving equipment (only if a diver's license is available).
  • statutory liability for towing water skiers and parasailers.
  • the personal statutory liability of the water skier, if and as long as he is being towed by the vehicle.
  • statutory liability for damages that occur during participation in motorboat races and sailing regattas or during related transfer trips.
  • the statutory liability of the insured persons, if they are requested to provide assistance by a boat in distress, and a corresponding assistance measure - e.g. a line connection - causes damage to the distressed boat.

Examples of Boat Liability


You can find more information in our Boat Insurance Comparison and in our Liability Insurance Conditions.

As a result of a steering error you ram the boat in the neighbouring berth. This results in damage to the stern pulpit, and the hull is scored. The Yacht Liability Insurance will ensure that the damage is quickly compensated.

During a storm, despite good moorage and secure ties your yacht is pressed against the neighbouring motor boat thereby sustaining damage to hull and mast. The owner makes a claim against you. But as you have fulfilled your duty of care, you are not liable for the damage. Your Yacht Liability Insurance company will attend to the exchange of communications with the claimant.

The skipper navigated carelessly and overlooked a sufficiently known shallows. As a result, the boat stopped abruptly and a crew member was significantly injured. The claims of crew members among each other and/or against the skipper are automatically considered covered within the scope of the contract.

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