Professional Skipper's Liability Insurance

The Professional Skipper's Liability Insurance covers the statutory liability ofthe policy holder in his capacity as professional skipper/master of a yacht up to a maximum of 100 tons.

Based on the General Terms and Conditions for Third Party Liability Insurance (AHB) and the Special Terms and Conditions for Professional Skipper's Liability Insurance (BSH 0219) the terms of the policy also extend cover to:

  • Damage to the operated yacht caused by proven gross negligence
  • Compensation claims of the entire crew among one another
  • Security deposits up to EUR 100,000.00 for confiscation in foreign ports
  • Claims of the owner for loss of charter income as a result of culpable significant damage to the yacht up to EUR 20,000.00

You can find examples of these 4 cases here.

The overall insured amount is EUR 5,000,000.00 or EUR 10,000,000.00 for personal injury and damage to property. The total compensation payable for all insured events in a year amounts to twice this insured amount.

The boat liability insurance for the yacht you are sailing is always required to pay out first, meaning that the Professional Skipper's Liability Insurance always pays out on a secondary basis.