Charter Insolvency Insurance

Does your charter agency also provide you with a cover certificate? Does the cover certificate also include insolvency of the foreign charter office?

Many charter companies conclude hire agreements where there is no obligation to have compulsory insurance against insolvency because the charter operator is not deemed to be a tour operator (the usual cover certificate is not provided). This insurance gap can be closed with our insurance against insolvency.

Insolvency of the charterer

Your money remains safe where the charter yacht operator becomes insolvent.

Insolvency Clause

Our insolvency insurance for charterers

  • Insured is the insolvency or inability to pay of the charter yacht operator.
  • Including travel cancellation insurance.
  • Including trip interruption insurance.
  • Optional with Corona quarantine protection.

Corona Quarantine Protection!

Regardless of whether the illness is triggered by a pandemic or not, insurance cover exists in principle (according to ABRV conditions) in the event of unexpectedly severe illnesses before the start of the journey. However, interventions by higher authorities and thus also the consequence of quarantine orders are excluded and can only be co-insured with our Corona Quarantine Supplementary Insurance. Please select below accordingly whether you wish to have this cover included. Examples of our

Corona Quarantine Additional Protection you can find here.


Please always make sure to cover the total sum of costs. In case of including travel costs (e.g. flights) add these completely to the price of the charter. If the total amount of costs is exceeding the sum insured, the insurance will only cover partially. 

Due to an opened insolvency proceeding, we are currently unable to offer insurance coverage for the travel cancellation insurance including insolvency protection for the online charter platform Zizoo.

Premiums and insurance take out

Please note:
  • Due to technical insurance reasons we offer this product only for residents of EU Member States (except Cyprus, Malta and Slovakia). We are sorry but ALL other nations, we cannot insure.
  • Crew number does not include the skipper
  • Always follow the travel advice of the German Foreign Office or if you live in another country than from there. For the latest travel warnings and information on your holiday destination, please contact the Website of the German Foreign Office..
  • If there are less than 4 weeks between the booking and the start of the trip, the conclusion must take place immediately upon booking (at least after 1 day).
  • Booking up to 8 weeks before departure Conclusion of RRKV 14 days after travel booking
  • Booking up to 12 weeks (almost 3 months) before departure Conclusion of RRKV up to 28 days after travel booking (4 weeks)
  • Booking up to 16 weeks (almost 4 months) before departure Conclusion of RRKV up to 42 days after travel booking (6 weeks)
  • Booking up to 24 weeks (almost 6 months) before departure Conclusion of RRKV up to 70 days after travel booking (10 weeks)
  • Booking longer than 24 weeks in advance, conclusion up to 84 days after travel booking (12 weeks)
  • Trips over 8 weeks require prior agreement. Please contact us. The full scope of the agreement is based on the General Terms and Conditions for Cancellation of Travel Costs ABRV.
  • For non-German residents the insurance tax of the home country is valid, nevertheless the total premiums listed here do not change.
  • Please make sure to add any possible banking fees which are payable by the policy holder.