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Our boat insurances are affordable and good, as we have developed our own terms. This boat insurance comparison recommends the cheapest comprehensive (+) premium from our boat insurer pool and also calculates liability, passenger accident, and legal protection premiums for your boat or yacht.

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Top Boat Hull Conditions

  • All-risk coverage with exclusions (instead of single-risk coverage)
  • Incontestable fixed sum (instead of current value deductions according to §76 VVG)
  • No deductions "New for old" in the case of partial damage
  • Reimbursement of salvage costs regardless of the amount of the insured sum
  • Omission of your deductible for many causes of damage

Top Boat Liability Terms

  • Co-insurance of crew claims in the event of a mistake by the helmsman
  • Dinghy up to 50 HP insured
  • Full coverage of rental property and financial losses
  • Extended water damage coverage for damage due to force majeure
  • Protection against unfounded claims

Frequently Asked Questions about
Hull Boat Insurance 

In the first part of this boat insurance FAQ, we focus on hull boat insurance.

Hull boat insurance covers damage or loss to your own boat. Typical losses are theft, grounding, storm damage or loss due to capsizing. Our hull insurance policy includes all-risk cover and an "incontestable fixed sum", so you will always get your insurance sum paid out in full even after years in the event of a total loss. Partial losses are compensated "new for old" without deductions. Furthermore, salvage and wreck removal costs are included with a high sum in addition to the agreed sum insured, because these measures can often be very expensive.

We also recommend this boat insurance for this reason: Unlike with motor vehicles, strict liability does not apply to boats, but fault liability. A boat liability insurer therefore only pays if there is fault. If, for example, a neighbouring yacht in the harbour breaks loose in a storm despite being well secured and damages your boat, its liability insurance would not pay for your damage. In this case, only your own yacht hull insurance can ensure that you are not left with your repair costs.

The all-risk cover includes protection against all risks that are not specified by an exclusion. This is much clearer, because naming of not insured risks can cause fewer misunderstandings. For you, this means a reversal of the burden of proof: In the event of a claim, the insurer would have to prove to you that the damage was covered by an exclusion and is therefore not insured.

Within the scope of the contract, the hull insurance does not cover damage caused by certain weather conditions, mould, rodents, intent, fraud, terrorism or war damage. The hull insurance does not cover damage caused by certain weather conditions, mould, rodents, intent, fraud, terrorism or war damage. The complete exclusions are listed under §4 of our Yacht Hull Conditions.

Yes, it is an all risks cover and vandalism is not mentioned under the exclusions (see §4 Yacht Hull conditions), so it is insured.

In the event of a total loss (e.g. due to fire, capsize, theft), you are guaranteed to receive the sum you have specified as the sum insured thanks to the incontestable fixed sum. And that for the entire insurance period, guaranteed and without taking into account replacement value, purchase price and current value.

Sure, please list this in this boat insurance calculator with the corresponding sum insured. This is also considered an indisputable fixed assessment and represents the compensation payment in the event of theft, for example. Remember: The outboard motor must be secured with an outboard lock.

Damage due to external influences (e.g. fire, sinking, theft of the entire machine or individual parts, etc.) is generally insured under the hull insurance contract. The hull boat insurance also covers towing costs - e.g. as a result of a piston seizure or a defective cylinder head gasket.

However, the repair of operational damage to the internal engine is only covered for boats up to 3 years old, otherwise cover is possible for boats up to 15 years old with the extended engine breakdown clause for an additional charge.

The sum insured should always be the purchase price. However, if the purchase was made some time ago, a market value of comparable yachts is suitable for determining the sum insured. If, after the purchase of the yacht, value-increasing investments have been made on the boat, these can be included in the insurance against proof.

In the event of a total loss (e.g. due to fire, capsize, theft), you are guaranteed to receive the sum you have specified as the sum insured thanks to the incontestable fixed sum. And that for the entire insurance period, guaranteed and without taking into account replacement value, purchase price and current value.

The new value is calculated by comparing the market prices of new yachts. For example, a sailing yacht of the 40-foot middle class costs approx. 100,000.00 EUR when it is twenty years old. The successor model is currently sold by the manufacturer with equipment for 380,000.00 EUR. This would be the new value to be stated.

Often you can get precise information on all boat data from the boat certificate or on the manufacturer's website or even second-hand boat exchanges. Alternatively, it is of course also possible - with the help of mathematics - to calculate the sail area on the wind using the mast height and the boom length or the distance between mast and forestay. To the sail area you add the working jib (in principle the triangle between mast, forestay and deck).

No, the vessel must be moored normally with lines, the sliding hatch should be closed so that it is not too easy for thieves to get inside the yachts. Insurance cover against simple theft also exists if the items are in the covered and/or lashed vehicle. But beware: The outboard motor must be secured with an outboard lock.

Boat trailers usually receive a green license plate and are therefore required to be registered but not insured. Hence, you don't need an electronic confirmation of insurance (eVB) when you apply for a license plate for your trailer.

Questions about
Liability and Other Boat Insurances

The second part of our boat insurance FAQ answers common questions about boat liability, passenger accident insurance, and legal protection insurance for yacht owners.

Liability boat insurance covers damage culpably caused to third parties by the insured boat. This includes personal injury, property damage and financial loss.

Taking out a boat without the appropriate liability insurance cover can be very expensive in the event of a claim, because you are generally liable with your private assets for damage caused to third parties. A boat liability insurance with high coverage for personal injury and property damage is therefore essential. It also covers damage caused by the crew to each other: a classic case is a pair of glasses that goes overboard during an unannounced manoeuvre.

Unlike car insurance, strict liability does not apply to boats, but rather fault-based liability. This means that if you are not at fault for causing damage to another boat, you are not liable. You must therefore have demonstrably made a mistake, i.e. acted carelessly or negligently. This can happen to anyone, and yacht liability insurance covers you for this.

Of course, this does not apply in the case of gross negligence or intent, that goes without saying.

In contrast to motor vehicle insurance, the mere presence of the boat does not mean that in the event of damage due to force majeure (storm), for example, your neighbouring berth holder will receive compensation if your boat has broken loose and damaged the neighbouring boat in the storm. Your liability insurer will refuse to settle such a claim. This is also an important aspect of yacht liability insurance: the defence against unjustified claims. Darüber sind im schlimmsten Fall auch Gerichts- und Anwaltskosten gedeckt.

Unlike your car, in Germany you do not necessarily have to insure your boat against third-party liability. Nevertheless, liability for third-party damage can mean your financial ruin. Taking out liability insurance is recommended so that you are covered for this significant risk. In addition, without liability insurance, you may not be able to enter neighbouring countries with your boat, or you may be refused a berth in the harbour or winter storage.

In the meantime, we recommend that our clients have at least EUR 5,000,000.00 in cover. For journeys in the Mediterranean, at least EUR 10,000,000.00, as corresponding minimum sums insured also apply in Italy, for example.

Basically, everyone should have accident insurance, with round-the-clock coverage for all eventualities. In the event of disability following an accident, this insurance will step in and ensure that any consequential costs are mitigated. If an accident results in death, this cover protects surviving dependants.

As sailing and motor boating are not dangerous sports, the premiums for our yacht passenger accident insurance are very low. You have the choice of insuring yourself and your family, or, if you already have sufficient cover, your guests on board.

Lawyers are expensive and sometimes it is difficult to enforce your rights. Imagine your boat is rammed and the opposing liability insurer does not want to pay you the damage in full. A good lawyer can make things possible in many cases.

Remember to always take out legal protection insurance with so-called contract and property legal protection so that disputes arising from contracts concluded for the yacht are also covered. Then, for example, the costs for your lawyer will be covered if, for example, you demand rectification of a commissioned paint job and the company refuses to rectify the defects

Note about the Boat Insurance Premium Comparison Calculator

While premiums for liability, accident, and legal protection boat insurance for all privately used boats are calculated online, the hull insurance premium calculation is not immediate for boats older than 15 years or insurance amounts over EUR 150,000. You can, of course, transmit your boat data to us. We will send you an offer in no time.

Commercially or the following special vehicles cannot be calculated with this tool. Please follow the links:

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