Sell your boat...

and receive a refund for the premiums

Are you looking to sell your yacht? It's important to know that the hull insurance automatically transfers to the new owner. They have the option to cancel the contract within one month.

To ensure a seamless transition of insurance coverage, we only need the name and address of the new owner, as well as the sale price.

Your benefit:
Upon receiving this information, we will refund your proportional premiums. Additionally, your personal no-claims discount will be retained for any potential new yacht.

Good to know:
Insurers are not allowed to deviate from these regulations to the detriment of the buyer. This ensures that no buyer remains uninsured and has sufficient time to decide whether to continue or terminate the insurance contract.

For more information, we recommend referring to sections 95-97 of the Insurance Contract Act (VVG) as well as section 14 of the Yacht Hull Insurance Conditions (YKB).

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