Legal Protection Insurance (optional)

For just an additional EUR 10,- (annual coverage EUR 20,-) to your skipper liability insurance premium, you receive our comprehensive legal protection insurance for charter skippers. In case of an eventuality, you thus have essential coverage against possible attorney and court costs, as well as qualified legal representation taking care of your interests. Unfortunately we can offer this only for german residents.

Included in the coverage are (according to the General Conditions for Legal Protection Insurance ARB-RU 2010, as of 01.04.2011):

  1. Insurance coverage worldwide
  2. The coverage amount is unlimited; in non-European countries a maximum of EUR 100,000 is insured. In general, a maximum cost assumption according to German fee law applies abroad.
  3. Criminal bail loan EUR 200,000.00.
  4. Compensation legal protection
  5. Administrative legal protection
  6. "Passive" criminal legal protection
  7. Misdemeanors legal protection

You can conclude the Extended Skipper Liability Insurance including Skipper Legal Protection here.