Passenger Accident Insurance

Water sports passenger accident insurance

With Yacht Passenger Accident Insurance you can safeguard you and your crew against all accidents occurring on board or on the pontoon/jetty!

As yacht owner and skipper you have a special responsibility to your crew.

A passenger accident insurance policy is therefore a must; it covers all accidents that could be sustained by the authorised occupants/passengers of the boat, dinghy or on the jetty - regardless of whether anyone is made responsible for the accident or not.

We offer two forms of cover:

  1. for all passengers of your vessel
  2. or for all passengers excluding you, your partner and your children.






In the case of death75.000,-150.000,-225.000,-300.000,-
In the case of invalidity150.000,-300.000,-450.000,-600.000,-
i.e. in the event of complete invalidity337.500,-675.000,-1.012.500,-1.350.000,-
For the costs of rescue25.000,-25.000,-25.000,-25.000,-
For cosmetic operations (per person) 10.000,-12.500,-15.000,-17.500,-


Cover A37,5075,-112,50150,-
Cover B 27,5055,-82,50110,-
Premiums are stated in Euro and do not include the statutory insurance tax and charges.
  • For your personal security, we recommend a private accident insurance for all facets of the lives of your family with 24-hours cover.