Trailer Liability Insurance

Where required, you may opt to supplement your existing boat liability insurance with us to insure a boat trailer - not subject to compulsory insurance - against third party liability claims

  • A gross annual premium of EUR 16.66 (EUR 14.00 net)
  • provides cover of EUR 50 million in total for personal injury, property damage or financial loss (personal injuries are covered up to a maximum of EUR 8 million per claimant).

We would like to make it clear that damage caused by a trailer attached to the towing vehicle must be settled by the motor insurance arranged in respect of the towing vehicle. If the trailer was being pushed by you, where required there is insurance protection over and above your private third party liability insurance.

However, we recommend that Towing Trailer and Slip Trailer Insurance be arranged to cover the eventuality that the trailer is moved by third parties or where these persons simply "act independently".
More information is available in our PDF Towing Trailer and Slip Trailer Clause 2008.

We ask new customers to please fill out the inquiry form so that we can calculate the Yacht Liability Insurance premium.


Yes, I want to add my trailer to my existing boat liability insurance:

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