Boat Hull Insurance

The Yacht Hull Insurance protects you from the financial risk of damage caused to your own yacht - e.g. through grounding, collisions etc..

Example: Grounding

Despite your caution and good seamanship, suddenly there is not enough water under the keel - you run aground and can refloat your yacht by yourself. A salvage operation is performed, the boat is lifted out of the water and transported to a boatyard. The complete costs including salvage, cranes and transport is covered by your Yacht Hull Insurance. You only have to pay the agreed deductible. If you have not made any claims for at least five years, we will not change your no-claims bonus (bonus saver).

Example: Perfect wind - and then this happens: The mast breaks.

A loss assessor subsequently determines that a nearly new tunbuckle has snapped - clearly a material defect! The hull insurance covers all the damage including the costs of the loss assessor. The cost of the turnbuckle is not covered - because material defects are not covered by the terms and conditions - unlike the resulting damage!

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