Skipper's Passenger Accident Insurance

The Passenger Accident Insurance covers accidents suffered by the skipper or the skipper and the crew (based on crew list).

In the event of injury the insured amount will be divided among the registered persons. If only the skipper is insured, he will be entitled to the full insured amount.

Complete Charter Brochure

75-300 thousand EURO

Lump sum coverage amounts for death are selectable.
In the event of disability, the sum insured corresponds to
double this coverage amount. See the table below.

Terms & conditions

Also insured within the framework of the contract

  • Accidents when using the dinghy.
  • Transporting body back home in event of death.
  • The medically necessary return of injured person(s) to home town.
  • Injuries typically sustained in diving, such as injuries including compression sickness or eardrum injuries as well as drowning or suffocation.
  • The insurance policy also covers accidents where the insured person is unexpectedly affected by war or civil war abroad.
  • Rescue costs in the event of a heart attack or stroke. The insurance covers search missions for persons injured in an accident even where the occurrence of an accident is only assumed. Also covered are nautical emergencies or severe damage to the vessel.
  • Please note: Taking part in regattas or motorboat races is only covered where a supplement is paid.

The following table shows the insurance cover available

Product-Number-Code  In the event of death  In case of invalidity Salvage costs
..1 € 75.000,00 € 150.000,00 € 50.000,00
..2 € 150.000,00 € 300.000,00 € 50.000,00
..3 € 225.000,00 € 450.000,00 € 50.000,00
..4 € 300.000,00 € 600.000,00 € 50.000,00

Premiums and insurance take out

Premiums for Crew and Skipper Cover...

Premiums for Skipper Cover alone...

Please note:
  • Due to technical insurance reasons we offer this product olny for residents of EU Member States (except Cyprus and Malta).  We are sorry but ALL other nations, we cannot insure.
  • The complete extent of the agreement is based on the
  • General Terms and Conditions for Accident Insurance AUB-88 (german version)
  • Special Terms and Conditions for Skipper`s Passenger Accident Insurance
  • For non-German residents the insurance tax of the home country is valid, nevertheless the total premiums listed here do not change.
  • Please make sure to add any possible banking fees which are payable by the policy holder.