Travel Cancellation Corona Quarantine Additional Protection

Terms & Conditions

The insurance coverage of our travel cancellation insurance (according to the General Conditions for Travel Cancellation Insurance, ABRV) provides for a benefit in the event of unexpected severe illness. If the unexpectedly severe illness is caused by a pandemic, insurance coverage exists in principle. Interventions by high authorities and thus also the consequences of quarantine orders are excluded, however, and can only be covered with this supplementary insurance.

By taking out our travel cancellation insurance, you can now insure yourself with an additional premium against the consequences of a coronavirus infection in connection with your booked trip and the applicable COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) quarantine measures.

Insurance coverage exists only under the condition that the quarantine was ordered by official medical instruction, for example by the responsible health office or another authorized authority. Insurance cover also exists if you or a crew member are suspected of being infected or are infected with the coronavirus and for this reason are refused carriage by authorized third parties (e.g. airport staff) on the day of the return journey (end of journey).

2 examples in which our Travel Cancellation Insurance incl. Corona additional protection provides:

  1. Men's tour – In the Caribbean, a test must be made after 5 days. Two crew members are positive, the entire crew is put under quarantine, no one falls ill, there are no or only extremely mild symptoms. The boat must be delivered 2 days later, but the ordered quarantine applies to the entire crew for at least 5 days. The additional costs for accommodation in a suitable hotel and flight rebooking will be paid by the insurer in addition to the trip interruption costs under the contract.
  2. A family with two children is looking forward to their summer trip aboard a chartered Beneteau. Before departure, a test is carried out, one child is positive and has probably been infected at school. There are no symptoms, but the airline refuses to carry the child. The child has to go into quarantine at home. The insurer pays the entire cancellation costs for the family under the policy.

Please note: This additional insurance takes effect from 14 calendar days after conclusion of the insurance.

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