Do the yacht insurance check!

With us it's always a clear "YES"!

What is covered in the yacht liability insurance?

  1. Does your liability insurance include additional cover for water pollution damage as well as damage caused by force majeure (e.g. storm)?
  2. Are all claims of your crew members also insured, if you as the skipper or helmsmann make a mistake through which injury is caused to any of the crew? Are the claims of the crew members among one another also covered?
  3. Is the dinghy with an outboard engine up to 50 PS (German hp) also insured by your liability insurance policy without the requirement of an additional premium?
  4. Is the full sum of the agreed insured amount available with respect to personal injury, even where only one person was injured?
  5. Does your liability insurance policy pay compensation in respect of contamination to ground including where there has been fire damage caused through the fault of no-one?
  6. Is damage to hired property/objects and financial loss also insured?
  7. Is cover extended to damage to the hired electrical or water plant, e.g. on a ponton or jetty?
  8. Does your liability insurance company also ward off unjustified claims made against you?
  9. Do you have liability insurance cover in relation to third parties where, for example, your boating club co-member lends you his yacht?
  10. Does your liability insurance policy also protect against the impoundment of the yacht in a foreign port without requiring an additional premium?
  11. You undertake a rescue in an emergency at sea - does your liability insurance policy pay out if you cause damage to the yacht that is requesting assistance?
    The deductible for hull insurance does not apply to third party liability damage!
  12. Do the terms and conditions of your water sports liability insurance extend cover to skipper liability insurance for chartered yachts including damage caused to chartered yachts through gross negligence as well as bad debt cover (Premium clause)?

The deductible in the hull insurance does not apply to third party liability damage!

What other service is offered to you?

  1. Are there adjusters available to you anywhere in the world in the event that damage occurs?
  2. Can you meet your insurance broker at the big trade shows in Hamburg (hanseboot), Düsseldorf (boot) and Berlin (Boot und Fun)?
  3. Do you have access to a detailed website that can provide you with important tips and services?
  4. Do you receive personal advice - from the initial offer to the occurrence of damage/loss?
  5. Does your insurance broker also provide you with services over and beyond yacht insurance - such as commercial and private insurance policies etc.?
  6. Do you upon request get confirmation of a declared waiver of recourse against wintering storage or harbour operator?

If you have answered just one of theses questions with "NO", you should...