Skipper`s Liability Insurance

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Skipper`s Liability Insurance covers the statutory liability of the policy holder in his capacity as a charterer and operator of a yacht - anywhere in the world.

The insurance policy (based on the General Terms and Conditions for Third Party Liability Insurance -AHB- and the Special Terms and Conditions for the Skipper`s Liability Insurance -SH 2014) covers:

  • Damage to a chartered yacht where gross negligence is proven.
  • Compensation claims of the crew members among one another.
  • Security deposits up to EUR 125,000.00 where the yacht is impounded in a foreign port.
  • Claims of the owner for loss of charter income as a result of culpable significant damage to the yacht up to EUR 25,000.00.

The cover sum is EUR 10,000,000.00 for personal injury and damage to property.

The total compensation for all insured events within one year is double the amount of this compensation

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  • Due to technical insurance reasons we offer this product only for residents of EU Member States as well as Norway. We have to inform you that legal expenses insurance for skipper and crew is available only for German citizens.
  • For non-German residents the insurance tax of the home country is valid, nevertheless the total premiums listed here do not change.
  • Please make sure to add any possible banking fees which are payable by the policy holder.

For a charter period up to 6 weeks max...

Annual Cover

For a charter period up to 6 weeks max...

Annual Cover