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Yacht insurance for 50 years: We set standards

Erich Schomacker founded Hamburger Yachtversicherung in 1972 to establish high-performance, comprehensible insurance policies in the yacht insurance segment. We know the dangers from theory and practice and have developed our own, powerful and clear conditions with our insurers. Nevertheless, you often pay less for our hull boat or yacht insurance than with other comparison portals, brokers or direct insurers. This is due to the fact that we have negotiated individual tariff agreements with our partners and we can recommend the most favorable offer for your boat / cruising area.

Our boat hull is one of the best on the yacht insurance market:

With , basically everything is insured that is not specified in the exclusions. "Unchallengeable Fixed Rate" means: current value deductions are guaranteed to be excluded, no matter how long the insurance contract has been in force. There are no new-for-old deductions for partial losses. We reimburse salvage costs regardless of the sum insured and deductible is waived for many causes of loss.

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You can't go wrong with our Boat liability

Claims among the crew are covered if the helmsman makes a mistake. The use of dinghies up to 50hp is covered. Damage to rented property and financial losses are insured in the full amount of the sum insured. We offer protection against unfounded claims. Our boat liability provides extended water damage cover also for damage caused by force majeure (e.g. storm).

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Carefree charter holidays with the crew with charter insurance

Our very popular skipper's liability offers a high coverage amount within the contract for many claims that can be made against charterers. With the deposit insurance the possible amount of damage is limited with the deposited deposit, nevertheless damages occur here naturally far more often: Scrapes during locking, docking and casting off damage, a lost fender...
Corona has shown: Our travel cancellation insurance not only protects you if the skipper should fall ill. And if skipper or crew do not have sufficient accident coverage, our passenger accident insurance can close this gap.