Skipper`s Liability Insurance

Skipper`s Liability Insurance covers the statutory liability of the policy holder in his capacity as a charterer and operator of a yacht - anywhere in the world.

As a rule, charter vessels are covered by both liability and hull insurance. Skipper's liability insurance is an important coverage supplement for skipper and charter crew. In certain cases, the yacht liability or hull insurance of the charter yacht may not provide coverage or the coverage amount or scope may not be sufficient. These risks are covered by our skipper liability insurance.

10/15 Mio Euro

Lump sum coverage for personal and property damage.
The total performance for all insurance cases in a year is
double this coverage amount.

General and Special Terms and Conditions for Third Party Liability Insurance

  • Damage to chartered yacht due to proven gross negligence.
  • Liability claims among the entire crew.
  • Security deposits up to EUR 125,000.00 in case of seizure in a foreign port.
  • Claims by the owner for loss of charter income due to a culpable major yacht damage up to EUR 25,000.00.
  • Travel and/or hotel expenses up to EUR 1,000.00 should the charter yacht not be able to arrive on time at the agreed handover port due to damage caused by the charter crew.
  • Towing and recovery costs up to EUR 25,000.00

Skipper liability examples

When entering the marina, the charter skipper overlooks an incoming yacht. A collision occurs and the incoming yacht is severely damaged. The liability insurance sum of the charter yacht is not sufficient to pay for the damage incurred. This coverage gap is closed by the skipper's liability insurance, which covers personal injury and property damage up to EUR 10 million.

Should the yacht be chained in a foreign port in the event of such a claim, a required security deposit of up to EUR 125,000.00 is automatically included in the skipper's liability insurance.

During a cruise around Mallorca, the charter yacht capsizes in a storm. One crew member is seriously injured. The skipper is held liable because he allegedly overlooked a shoal. The boat liability insurance of the charter yacht does not cover any claims of the crew members against the skipper. Here, too, the skipper's liability insurance provides cover within the scope of the contract, with a deductible of EUR 150.00 for property damage.

The hull insurance company refuses to pay the damage to the chartered yacht due to gross negligence. Such damage events are covered up to a sum of EUR 750,000.00 with a deductible of EUR 2,500.00 (after deposit) under the skipper's liability insurance in case of officially proven gross negligence of the policyholder.

If, due to damage for which you are responsible, a firmly booked subsequent charter has to be cancelled because the yacht did not come out of the shipyard in time, the proven charter loss is also insured up to EUR 25,000.00, whereby the first three days of charter loss are charged to you as an excess.

You are in the Ijsselmeer with your chartered boat and have unfortunately run aground. The boat itself is undamaged. However, there are considerable "recovery and towing costs". As a rule, the yacht owner's hull insurance will cover these costs, but you will lose your deposit. If you have insured the deposit, the insurer may counter that the prerequisite for claiming on the deposit insurance is damage to the vessel, which has not occurred here. This gap is closed by your skipper's liability insurance, which covers the salvage and towing costs under the policy.


Your boat gets into difficulties and towing or salvage assistance is unavoidable. However, the hull insurer refuses to cover the costs. You are forced to take care of the salvage yourself. Since you as the skipper are the client for the salvage, you may be confronted with not inconsiderable costs.


Such risks are automatically insured up to EUR 25,000.00 under the skipper's liability insurance policy.

For only EUR 10,- additionally (annual coverage EUR 20,-) you get our comprehensive legal protection insurance to the skipper liability insurance. (Unfortunately we can offer this only for german residents)

Premiums and insurance take out

For 3 consecutive days (2 nights) e.g. on the weekend...
For a charter period up to 6 weeks max...
Annual Cover
For 3 consecutive days (2 nights) e.g. on the weekend...
For a charter period up to 6 weeks max...
Annual Cover

  • Due to technical insurance reasons we offer this product only for residents of EU Member States as well as Norway. Unfortunately we can no longer offer skipper's liability insurance to Italian residents due to technical insurance reasons. We have to inform you that legal expenses insurance for skipper and crew is available only for German residents.
  • For non-German residents the insurance tax of the home country is valid, nevertheless the total premiums listed here do not change.
  • Please make sure to add any possible banking fees which are payable by the policy holder.