Saver Boating: Our Boat Insurances

We, as a specialist broker for boat insurance, defy our own terms and conditions. No matter which quote you receive from us, our excellent insurance conditions are the basis of all our boat insurance contracts.


What boat insurance do I need?

The most important boat insurance for every owner

Boat Liability Insurance

"Never go on the water without boat liability insurance" is what we keep saying. Even though this insurance is not mandatory in Germany, without liability it can quickly become expensive. Anyone who is on the water with his boat can damage other watercraft or even injure people and is liable with his personal assets. Boat liability insurance covers damage you cause to third parties. And it doesn't cost much at all.


The "fully comprehensive insurance" to protect your boat

Boat Hull Insurance

With our yacht hull insurance, you protect yourself against financial risks from damage to your own yacht that can happen on the water, during transport or even in winter storage. This includes for example storm or collision damage, damage caused by lightning or fire. Our conditions are practical and easy to understand. Compare our benefits with our checklist. To calculate your premium, please use our inquiry form.



Helps you or your crew in case of accidents on board

Boat-Passenger Accident Insurance!

Extensive benefits in case of accidents on board and at the jetty. With the yacht passenger accident insurance you supplement a possible private accident insurance and of course you also protect your guests. Choose your desired sum insured from two possible coverage options and enjoy a carefree time on board.



Helps in disputes in court

Legal Protection Insurance

We have developed our legal protection insurance specifically for everything to do with yachts. It includes disputes about the driver's license, damages and criminal law protection. We recommend the inclusion of contract and property legal protection, so that you are on the safe side if, for example, there is a dispute with a repair yard. If you include rental legal protection, disputes arising from rental agreements with port or winter storage operators are also insured.

Due to our contracts we can unfortunately only offer this insurance to residents from Germany.


Special risks are the best placed in our hands:


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