Hamburger Yacht Insurance welcomes you on board

Experience, reliability and excellent value for money have made us one of the leading insurance brokers for yachtinsurances.

Our boatinsurance for owners, charter insurance, professional skipper liability insurance are products with high value for our customers, but that's not all ...


Dear clients, yacht owners, charter crews, and business partners!

for a lot of us times are getting easier, we can return to our boats and yachts. On board your yacht you're quite far away from any viruses, so we can only recommend  a holiday aboard. If you think about buying a yacht instead of travelling to holiday destinations in other countries, this might be the right time. The market is filled with used boats, and prices are affordable. For insuring your new boat you'll find your partner right here!

We ask our clients to make sure the cruising area insured equals the cruising area you are actually using. 

In case of any question please do not hesitate to contact us.

We hope the charter business will soon be able to pick up service again, so boats can be rented for touristic use.

Enjoy your time aboard, stay safe and healthy!

Your crew of the Hamburg Yacht Insurance Schomacker