Skipper`s Liability Insurance Examples

Charter vessels usually have liability and hull insurance. Skipper`s liability insurance provides important supplementary cover for skipper and charter crew. It may sometimes be the case that the yacht liability insurance or hull insurance policy for the charter yacht does not pay out or the insured amount or scope of insurance is not adequate. These risks are covered by our Enhanced Skipper`s Liability Insurance.

Some examples: 

  1. When entering the boating harbour the skipper fails to notice an incoming yacht. A collision occurs and the incoming yacht is severely damaged. The charter yacht`s cover sum under the liability insurance is not adequate to settle the damage sustained. The gap in the cover is filled by your Skipper`s Liability Insurance, which covers personal injury and damage to property up to EUR 10,000,000.
    If, as a result of a damage event of this kind, the yacht is impounded, any security deposit up to EUR 125,000.00 is likeweise insured under the supplementary Skipper`s Liability Insurance.
  2. While on a cruise around Mallorca the yacht capsizes in a storm. One crew member is severely injured. The skipper is made culpable because he supposedly failed to notice shallow water. The boat liability insurance for the yacht does not cover any claims of those onboard against the skipper. In this case, too, the Skipper`s Liability Insurance will pay out. In the case of damage to property a deductible of EUR 150.00 will be payable.
  3. The hull insurance policy refuses to compensate for the damage caused to the yacht operated by you due to gross negligence. Damage events of this type, where there is officially proven gross negligence on the part of the policy holder, are insured up to the sum of EUR 550,000.00 with a deductible of EUR 2,500.00 - after deposit - under the terms of our Professional Skipper`s Liability Insurance.
  4. If, due to damage for which you are culpable, a following charter has to be cancelled because the yacht is not delivered in time from the boatyard, the proven loss of charter income is also insured up to EUR 25,000.00, whereby the first three days of loss of charter are treated as an excess (deductible) payable by you.

As your contractual partner, the Professional Skipper`s Liability Insurance company covers claims raised against you and wards off unjustified claims. The period of validity is 6 weeks during an insurance year, the insurance can also be used for two or three sailing trips in one year, for example, provided the total period of 6 weeks is not exceeded. If you charter for longer periods within the year, we can offer you one-year cover which is also valid for larger-sized yachts

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