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Cancellation of travel costs insurance incl. curtailment of travel insurance

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If the skipper is rendered incapable through an insured event/ circumstance, the costs of the entire charter sailing trip will be compensated with a deduction for the payable excess (deductible). If a crew member is rendered incapable, this insurance will pay the appropiate proportional amount of compensation less the payable excess (deductible). The curtailment of travel during the sailing trip is also insured.


The unused proportion of the charter fee, less the excess, is covered by this insurance. The costs of travel to and from the location can also be insured.

The cancellation of travel costs insurance will pay compensation as follows:

  • If the skipper is unable to be present at the start of travel and the entire charter must therefore be cancelled, the policy will pay the incident cancellation costs in respect of the skipper and crew.
  • If a crew member is unable to start the travel, the policy will pay compensation for the proportional charter price for that crew member.
  • The cancellation of travel costs insurance, moreover, will compensate the unused part of the charter fee if the sailing trip is curtailed due to an insured event/circumstance.

If required, the insolvency of the charter yacht operator can also be included - more information can be found Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen Fensterhere.

Information on the cost-effectiveness of our premiums can be found on our Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen FensterApplication page.